Electronic Perscriptions



The NHS Electronic Prescription Service Release 2 is now available to you (providing your GP surgery has become EPS R2 enabled). With this service you can nominate Doshi Pharmacy as your nominated pharmacy where you will collect your medications.

This service is a reliable, secure and confidential evolution of the current paper-based prescription service.

If your surgery is not yet EPS R2 enabled, then keep an eye out for the EPS symbol (above) for when your surgery becomes enabled.

Three reasons for why signing up for Electronic Prescription Service would be beneficial to you:

  • Reduces hassle and saves you time
  • Pick up your medicine from us
  • The service is reliable and completely FREE!, 

To register, please drop instore to fill in a nomination form to make us your nominated pharmacy, or send us an email on info@doshipharmacy.co.uk and we will send you a nomination form which you will need to print, fill in, sign and send in to us.


For more information on the Electronic Prescription Service, please see the following link: